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How do you feel years after Cushing's?

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    While I didn’t get completely back to my “old normal”, my quality of life after Cushing’s is good and I consider it my “new normal”. Yes, there are things that I could do before Cushing’s, like bowling, but can’t do now. But, thankfully, there are so many things I can do now, that I couldn’t do with Cushing’s.


    While not going back to complete normalcy, it has been 14 years since surgery and my quality of life is pretty normal with the exception of some neurological issues like memory, responsiveness, attention as well as hormonal issues that seem to exacerbate when very out of balance. See that diet, exercise, supplements and de-stressors like yoga, massage and praying are good for keeping the body away from un-necessary stresses that affect my system more easily than they used to pre-adrenalectomy.

    One thing is for sure though post-surgery, I am extremely sensitive to stress, certain foods and medications….


    It has been almost 7 years since my Cushings.  I still fight with depression, and am very tired.  After very little work, I am beat.  I would love to talk with others. 


    It has been 14 years ago for me as well. I’m finding the same to be true that I have terrible memory issues, get stressed out more quickly and I must exercise to relieve that stress. I quit the gym because I was taking care of a sick parent and I literally started feeling symptoms again but it was the “too much stress and not enough exercise” that was the cause. I also was not eating right. I try to do online memory games, puzzles, etc. to keep my mind going…my MRI of the brain showed an empty sella which was what happened from high levels of cortisol – not much any doctor can do about that.


    It has been 24 years since my surgery and I have stage 2 diabetes, skin problems, 3 types of arthritis , and high blood pressure .  I’m trying to find out it this is normal or not ?  Doctors don’t seem to have info on post Cushing’s !  Anyone out there that is sharing my issues?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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