April 8, Cushing’s Awareness Day

April 8 is Cushing’s Awareness Day, celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Harvey Cushing. Dr. Cushing was born in 1869 and had many impressive accomplishments in addition to his official discovery and first diagnosis of “polyglandular syndrome”, which was later renamed Cushing’s syndrome. He was also a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and introduced North America toContinue Reading

Love and Hope from Artists at Home

Artist Juan Ramiro Torres set out to unify a community of artists around the word when the current environment led to closures everywhere.  He created a project called “Love and Hope from Artists at Home“; run from his Facebook page, it features dozens of artists and messages they share while physically distancing.  We hope youContinue Reading

COVID-19 Resources

The Pituitary Society issued guidance for an international perspective on pituitary disease management during COVID – please click here for the full article featuring Medical Advisory Board members Dr. Maria Fleseriu and Dr. Nicholas Tritos. Please click here for a CSRF Medical Advisory Board response to the recent publication of a report detailing the associationContinue Reading

CSRF Represented at NORD Breakthrough Summit

In October 2016, Leslie Edwin attended the National Organization for Rare Disorder’s (NORD) Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit in Washington, D.C. She was joined by D.C. Support Group members Eugenia and Amy, plus Amy’s service dog, Sam. At least a dozen people now know about Cushing’s thanks to Sam – he was quiteContinue Reading

Meet Some of the CSRF Volunteers

As most of you are probably aware, for many years I answered email on a daily basis and handled all aspects of the CSRF newsletter. As the CSRF has grown over the years, email volume continued to rise and the newsletter became a 24 page document; it was clear that the CSRF needed more helpContinue Reading

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