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Answers from a Psychiatrist

Question: My doctors say that I am cured from Cushing’s, but I have so many continuing problems such as fatigue and pain. My doctors feel that they have done all they can to help me. Do you have any suggestions as to how to emotionally cope with these continuing problems? Answer: In many illnesses there isContinue Reading

Coping: How to Talk with Others about Cushing’s

We are going to cover three main areas in this article: explaining Cushing’s, asking for what we need and managing others reactions.Many have said that it has come as a relief to finally KNOW what is going on, to have a diagnosis and a course of treatment outlined. No, we are not crazy or lazy.Continue Reading

Cushing’s and Children

The unrelenting struggle of Cushing’s is an enormous challenge to face. Daily lives become filled with tests, appointments, fatigue, pain, waiting, etc… The stakes of coping with these challenges become even higher when children are involved. How do we help them cope with the complexities of living with a parent that is ill? As parents, weContinue Reading

Cushing’s and Friendship

I’m not a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a therapist. I don’t have any formal training, and I certainly don’t have any experience with being diagnosed with a rare, confusing, absolutely frustrating condition. When my best friend, Mary, told me she was diagnosed with Cushing’s, my first thought was “thank goodness — there is an answer!”Continue Reading

Cushing’s and Coping with an Unknown Outcome: Ambiguous Loss

Author and therapist, Pauline Boss, states, “With ambiguous loss, there is no closure; the challenge is to learn how to live with the ambiguity”. Often we refer to this type of loss when referring to soldiers missing in action or the loss of a loved one to Alzheimer’s. Because there is no closure, no clearContinue Reading