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Persistent Cushing’s

Other Treatment Options

While surgical removal of the tumor causing Cushing’s is the first line treatment, there are cases that require other treatment options.

If a patient is a poor surgical candidate, medical therapy can be used prior to surgery to improve a patient’s physical condition.

In cases of a pituitary tumor recurrence or an unsuccessful first pituitary surgery, another transsphenoidal surgery by an expert pituitary neurosurgeon may be a treatment option.

In other cases where a pituitary tumor cannot be completely removed, treatment options include management by medical therapy, radiation or a bilateral adrenalectomy.

In cases where an ectopic tumor cannot be located, medical therapy or a bilateral adrenalectomy is most often used.

More information can be found in Recurrent Cushing’s Disease and Medications for Cushing’s sections of this website. Clinical trials for newer medications can be found through Information on bilateral adrenalectomies can be found here and at the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons website . Information about permanent replacement medication can be found here and in the steroid replacement sections of Doctor’s Answers and Doctor’s Articles of this website.


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