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Adrenal Tumors Not Usually Cancer

Question: Are most adrenal tumors causing Cushing’s adrenal cancer? Answer: The vast majority of adrenal tumors causing Cushing’s are benign.By Dr. Constantine Stratakis, NICHD, NIH, Bethesda, MD, Winter, 2016

Possibility of Adrenal Tumor on Remaining Gland

Question: I had an adrenal tumor removed 20 years ago and have led a normal life with one adrenal gland. Do I need to be concerned about getting a tumor on the other adrenal gland?  Answer: If you are healthy, there is most likely no reason to be concerned for a tumor or any otherContinue Reading

Doctor Visits After Long Term Remission

Question: I had a pituitary tumor 15 years ago, have discontinued replacement and overall feel well. Every time I see a new physician, Cushing’s becomes a major topic and I get concerned again. Am I different than the normal population in terms of what I should I watch for to live a healthful life?Answer: It’sContinue Reading

Partial Recovery of Cortisol Production

Question: I had a pituitary tumor and after many years, was able to discontinue replacement medication. I now find that I make enough for normal day to day life, but not enough to handle stressful situations and get some normal exercise. What if any tests should I ask my doctor for, what would the resultsContinue Reading

Medical Records for New Doctor Visit

Question: I am having difficulty getting a diagnosis. I have some high results and some normal ones. When I go to an endocrinologist, I have a book with all my lab results and medical history well organized. I have often been dismissed. I feel like sometimes my organized book makes me look like a hypochondriac.Continue Reading