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Doctors’ Answers

Q:   When a patient who has not had cortisol testing yet but describes the way they feel as “adrenaline surges” or “raging cortisol”, is there anything else that could be causing a symptom like this? A:   There are many conditions that can give “up and downs”, “spells”, flushes, anxiety and a thorough historyContinue Reading

A Message from Dr. Fleseriu Re: COVID-19

A Message from Dr. Maria Fleseriu Oregon Health and Science University, Portland, OR President, Pituitary Society We have been telling everyone over the last few years to decrease the replacement dose of hydrocortisone (HC), which is good long term to reduce complications, but in a situation like this, especially if they are on HC 12.5Continue Reading

COVID-19 and Fear of Scarcity of Medication

Question:  I take several replacement hormones for my hypopituitarism / adrenal insufficiency.  I’m scared that there will be a disruption to global supplies.  I’m tempted to stretch out my doses so I have my medicine for a longer period of time “just in case”.  I know no doctor would recommend doing this, but how worriedContinue Reading

COVID-19 and Remission

Question:  I had surgery a couple of years ago, and while I am off the replacement steroids I took for almost a year afterwards, I’m still working on recovery.  I have a lot of body pain still, and was going to the gym to do strength exercises, but they’re closed.  I still have depression andContinue Reading

COVID-19 and Early Post-Surgery Days

Question:  I recently had surgery to remove my tumor.  I’m still weaning off steroids, I feel horrible, and now this virus has upended life even more.  I struggle, and worry when I read conflicting articles about things like anti-inflammatory medications making the virus worse.  I worry that I’m more susceptible to infection.  Is there anythingContinue Reading


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