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Symptoms of Pituitary Tumor Recurrence

Question: If someone is having a recurrence of Cushing’s Disease, will the symptoms be the same as the original Cushing’s? What symptoms should we be looking for?  Answer: Patients who experience a recurrence of Cushing’s are often more perceptive of changes the second time and are often accurate in suspecting a recurrence. In my clinicalContinue Reading

Percentages for Pituitary Tumor Recurrence

Question: What percentage of patients with Cushing’s due to a pituitary tumor experience a recurrence?  Answer: In the hands of an experienced pituitary neurosurgeon, the majority of patients (70-85%) with small ACTH-secreting pituitary tumors (microadenomas) have a remission; however, the initial remission rate is less (35-50%) in patients with large pituitary tumors. The recurrence rateContinue Reading

Creatinine Measurement in 24hr Urine Test

Question: Why is creatinine measured in a 24 hr urinary cortisol test? Answer: The reason that urinary creatinine is measured in all patients having a 24 hr urine collection (regardless of what analyte is being measured) is to ensure that the collection is adequate and can be compared to the adequacy of future collections. UrinaryContinue Reading

Dementia or Alzheimer’s and Cushing’s

Question: Are those who have had Cushing’s more likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer’s?  Answer: This is currently unknown. We know that patients in long-term biochemical remission of Cushing’s syndrome show subtle cognitive difficulties (for example in the memory domain). In addition, we know that cortisol can impact brain areas that are heavily involved inContinue Reading

Small Tasks Stressful While on Replacement

Question: I am on permanent replacement hydrocortisone. I find I easily become overwhelmed and indecisive when I try to do something “normal” like plan a small trip or have a small dinner party. Is this normal for someone on replacement? Any tips on how I can manage this?  Answer: When you are attempting these tasks,Continue Reading