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American Academy of Pediatrics Convention 2006

The American Academy of Pediatrics Convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia from October 7-10, 2006. This was the third year that the CSRF has been able to exhibit, thanks to the support of the Paula Rosina Santoro Foundation. The booth this year was staffed by Donna Sellers and John Santoro. John said, “I think that this exhibit is well worth doing. This year, we seemed to be able to talk more in-depth with some of the attendees. I was thrilled that several physicians who visited our booth last year, stopped by this year and told us that because the CSRF exhibited, they had made a Cushing’s diagnosis.”

Donna Sellers, recently named Chair of the Pediatrics Committee said, “I believe we reached a lot of Pediatricians who will now start looking at testing for Cushing’s. It was amazing how many of them said they would never have thought about checking an infant or child for Cushing’s. I think we made a huge impression on most of the doctors there. I believe that there are more children out there than what the statistics tell us that just are not being diagnosed correctly. These conventions are also useful for making contacts. I talked a great deal to the Department of Justice about making the United States Government aware of this disease. Even other exhibitors were willing to take information and pass it on to physicians they knew. I also spoke to the AAP and they have indicated that they will run an article in their January newsletter on Cushing’s! I hope that with the contacts we made, awareness for Cushing’s will increase.”

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