Resources That Support Danielle’s Work to Educate About Cushing’s and Adrenal Insufficiency

Thank you for taking a card for more information.  Please feel free to browse our articles, patient stories, and other items on this website (, and you can also visit for an advocacy group similar to CSRF but for patients at the opposite end of the cortisol spectrum with Adrenal Insufficiency.

In addition to our websites, here are some “quick view” resources that aim to present these complex conditions in a more user friendly way:

Summer 2021 CSRF newsletter – so hot off the press, it’s literally still on the press this week, mailing out Friday.

Guide to Hypercortisolism – what is cortisol, what does it do, how is it made, how does it work, what causes Cushing’s, and signs and symptoms of Cushing’s. 

Hypercortisolism Checklist – did something in that previous document sound familiar?  Here is a bit more information.

YouTube Channel – we have presentation videos from our “Defining the New Normal” conference a couple of years ago as well as patient stories.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adrenal Insufficiency

Signs and Symptoms of an Adrenal Crisis

Cushing’s Quality of Life Research – interested in science?  Here is a list of over 170 scientific articles related to Cushing’s and quality of life.

Adrenal Insufficiency Quality of Life Research – and here’s over 300 related to Adrenal Insufficiency and quality of life.

And here is Danielle’s story in her own words, written almost a decade ago when she began volunteering with CSRF, published in our May 2012 newsletter.




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