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Cushing’s Patient Survey on Weight Loss

Question: Has anyone ever done a survey of Cushing’s patients regarding weight loss?

Answer: Yes, in 2008, the CSRF did a survey of our members and asked some weight related questions. About 100 members responded and we gained the following information:

The average weight gain was 55 lbs.

Only 16% reported gaining less than 25 lbs.

72% reported that they had lost “most” of the weight they gained.

Of those reporting that they had lost the weight:

  • 21% lost it within 3 months
  • a total of 38% within 9 months
  • a total of 62% within 1 year and
  • a total of 79% within 2 years

Of those reporting they had lost the weight,

  • 45% said they had to diet and exercise
  • 55% said they did not need to diet and exercise

Of those reporting they had not lost the weight:

  • 71% were currently taking cortisone replacement

Of those reporting that they had lost their weight:

  • 36% reported being on cortisone replacement

Patience, perseverance, diet and exercise can pay off!

By Karen Campbell, Director, CSRF (Winter, 2008)


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