International Doctors (non-US-Based)

Here you will find three types of providers:

  1. SPECIALISTS – doctors at high-volume centers, usually academic, who have diagnosed and treated hundreds or thousands of Cushing’s patients.  They are usually involved in current Cushing’s research – check PubMed for their name and see what results come up (check the dates too).  They are respected by their peers.  They run or participate in clinical trials and present their expertise at conferences.  You can count on the correct tests being administered, all treatment options explored, and accurate, up-to-date information and science.  SPECIALISTS ARE LISTED IN BOLD GREEN TYPE.
  2. MEMBER-RECOMMENDED DOCTORS – the rest are doctors who are recommended to us by patients when they join CSRF.  These new members have reported that these doctors diagnosed and treated them properly, and they would refer a fellow patient to them for hypercortisol testing and treatment. 
  3. PITUITARY CENTERS – centers that have been identified to have a pituitary center or program.  No specific doctor listed with the center means that we have not yet connected with anyone at that institution. 

These providers are listed here because of their connection to diagnosing and treating Cushing’s.  CSRF does not endorse any one particular doctor.  We believe it is in our community’s best interests to include medical professionals who have been recommended by patients, even if we have not yet had an opportunity to connect with them.  We would love feedback from anyone who reaches out to a provider or center listed here, and over time we will continue to develop professional connections to strengthen our network of educated doctors who can be trusted to diagnose and treat properly.

If you received appropriate diagnosis and treatment from a doctor not on this list, please contact Leslie at [email protected] with their information.  Thank you!










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