Volunteer Help Wanted

The CSRF is excited to announce the formation of several committees to further reach our goals! If you, a family member, or friend are willing to volunteer for one of the below listed committees, please CONTACT US.

Public Awareness Committee

More public awareness is needed for Cushing’s. In the beginning, this committee will be responsible for generating ideas on how to accomplish the goal of increasing public awareness and present them to the CSRF Board of Directors. The CSRF does not have an extensive budget for public awareness activities and usually, public awareness is not eligible for grant funding. We are hopeful that the committee can generate some ideas and a budget, if needed, for programs that can be implemented. If a program is approved by the CSRF Board of Directors, this committee will be responsible for implementation of the program. Initially, the time involved will be a number of conference calls to generate ideas.

Development Committee

The Development Committee will address funding. Currently, the CSRF is funded by individual memberships, donations and grants to cover programs. As programs are identified, this committee will participate in the grant application and grant reconciliation process, figure out how to fund a program that cannot be covered by grant funding, look at ways to diversify CSRF funding and provide input on long term planning. Business, long term planning, or fund raising experience would be useful, but is not required. Initially, the time involved will be several conference calls.

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