Sonia CAD2023

I used to sleep like a baby, but I started to wake up in the middle of the night, they told me it was aging, I was 43. I had a stress fracture while running, I had osteopenia, and they thought my kidneys were not working properly. I was gaining weight even if I didn’t change my eating and activity habits. I was my own advocate and was diagnosed with Cushing disease. I feel that I am getting older faster than I should be: thin hair, thin skin, and weight gain. I started with Cabergoline, then tried Ketoconazole, had 2 surgeries, I am now taking Isturisa. It took 4 months to find the correct dosing, and now I need to wait to potentially get better. Every attempt to get better has been unsuccessful so far. Sometimes it is hard to stay optimistic. Two years have passed since my diagnosis, and four years since my first symptoms. Will I get my body back? Sometimes I wonder If I should just accept that I will never be like I used to be. I am rare but with CSRF I don’t feel alone. 


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