April 13, 2021 Round Table: Undiagnosed and Seeking

Join us for a casual listening / brainstorming session via Zoom on Tuesday, April 13 at 7:00pm EST, moderated by Leslie Edwin.  No need to RSVP.


Meeting ID: 996 5734 1685
Passcode: Ccr2vF


The purpose of this meeting is to share feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the general topic of the journey of the undiagnosed and seeking patient.  The starting point of these journeys seems to dictate many of the factors and influences along the way, and social media is almost always our first search for information these days.  Is the information patients are getting these days sound, backed by science, and provided by experts actively involved in research?  Are their choices being limited by others’ bias toward or against one treatment or provider?  Have they received helpful advice to prepare for their first endo appointment?

For those of us who have been diagnosed, what challenges did we face during our own process, and has there been progress to reduce or eliminate these delays to appropriate diagnosis?

Are we expecting the right things from our providers?  Are the differences between hypercortisolism and endogenous Cushing’s clear to everyone who suspects that dysfunctional cortisol is making them sick?

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