Corporate Council

The CSRF Charter Corporate Council is established to create regular, transparent partnership opportunities and dialogue among its members who share many common goals with CSRF:

  • reducing the time to diagnosis and intensity of illness for all patients
  • supporting patients and doctors with quality educational tools
  • providing empathic peer support for patients
  • increasing the network of providers who can diagnose and are educated about treatments
  • supporting, conducting, and participating in research to share patient-reported quality of life issues and find ways to implement measurable change based on our data and needs
  • creating a global Cushing’s patient registry heavily focused on quality of life issues whose goal is to help identify unmet and undermet needs faster
  • demystifying the complicated terminology and diagnostic methods involved with all versions of hypercortisolism in a way that empowers patients to understand their own journey back to health

Corporate Council members can be organizations, corporations, pharmaceutical companies, doctors’ groups, philanthropists, or other entities (CSRF reserves final discretion) actively working toward real, science-proven solutions.  For more information, or if you are interested in potentially becoming a Corporate Council member, please contact us at [email protected].




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