2023 Patient Conference Co-Hosted with Adrenal Insufficiency United

We are so excited to be back live again!  Prior to the pandemic, Adrenal Insufficiency United (AIU) and CSRF had discussed co-hosting a patient conference.  Timing and logistics worked out well for a Spring 2023 meeting so here we are!



Through the generous sponsorship and educational grants provided by our sponsors we are able to organize this multi-day conference with amazing content, highly qualified presenters, and child care at no cost to you.  If you’ve never met another person face-to-face who knows what it’s like to have Cushing’s, that will be one of the most impactful things you experience over the weekend – rooms full of people who just get it


We have further subsidized a group discount at the host hotel (Embassy Suites Hilton at Portland Airport) by almost 25% for a final cost to you of $150 per room per night when booked directly through us, but you are not obliged to stay there if you have other options.  WE MUST GIVE THE HOTEL OUR GROUP HEADCOUNT ON FEBRUARY 15, so this rate may change after that date.  Free shuttle to and from the airport and other amenities and activities organized by AIU can be found on their meeting page: https://united4rare.org/aiu-csrf-conference-2023/

We have an extremely limited amount of funds available to help those who would otherwise likely not be able to make it to Portland.  We know that long travel involves extra consideration, especially when heading home across time zones not in your favor!  Please keep the time change and flight availability in mind when considering when you will arrive and depart.


The joint conference officially kicks off at 2:00pm local time on Thursday, March 30.  There are optional workshops happening in the morning leading up to this time.  The conference closes out at 5:00pm local time on Saturday, April 1. 

All attendees may choose to attend sessions or breakouts hosted by either organization. 

CLICK HERE for Adrenal Insufficiency United’s program.









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