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Category Archives: Coping With Cushing’s

Summary of Survey on How Cushing’s Affect Your Relationships

In September of 2016, the CSRF asked for your input on if and how Cushing’s impacted your relationships. Thank you to all who replied! The information we received was shared with a researcher in the area of quality of life and Cushing’s. Thanks to your responses, the degree of relationship problems associated with Cushing’s stimulatedContinue Reading

Coping with Embitterment to Improve Quality of Life

What is embitterment and how does it affect our quality of life? Merriam-Webster defines “embitter” as to “make sad or angry.” The Bible warns that embitterment may cause discouragement (Colossians 3:21). I would add to that definition that, in time, old anger becomes resentment and may be not readily recognizable, much like food forgotten inContinue Reading

Coping: How to Talk with Others about Cushing’s

We are going to cover three main areas in this article: explaining Cushing’s, asking for what we need and managing others reactions. Many have said that it has come as a relief to finally KNOW what is going on, to have a diagnosis and a course of treatment outlined. No, we are not crazy orContinue Reading

Tips From a Personal Trainer with Cushing’s

Shianne L. has 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and had Cushing’s. So the CSRF wanted to ask her a few additional questions. Shianne was kind enough to give us some of her time. You can also choose to read Shianne’s personal story or to contact her.Continue Reading

Cushing’s and Coping with an Unknown Outcome: Ambiguous Loss

Author and therapist, Pauline Boss, states, “With ambiguous loss, there is no closure; the challenge is to learn how to live with the ambiguity”. Often we refer to this type of loss when referring to soldiers missing in action or the loss of a loved one to Alzheimer’s. Because there is no closure, no clearContinue Reading


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