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Category Archives: Coping With Cushing’s

Your Unsolicited Ticket to the Chronic Illness Roller Coaster

The Experience of Chronic Illness If you have ever felt like no one in your life can truly comprehend what it’s like to survive through the experience of Cushing’s, maybe it can be a small bit of comfort that virtually 100% of patients report some level of misunderstanding, ignorance, and even intolerance from friends, family,Continue Reading

Caregiving & Cushing’s

“Rarely can a response make something better.  What makes something better is connection.”  —Brené Brown from her animated YouTube video, “On Empathy” You may have never thought of yourself as a caregiver, but there’s a good chance you provide caregiving if you support a Cushing’s patient in any way.  One of the challenges for societyContinue Reading

Sex and Cushing’s

For many, having a sexual relationship seems critical to life satisfaction.  From a purely pragmatic viewpoint, sex is critical for life itself.  Over the centuries, people have ended and began relationships for sex, married to have sex, killed over sex and taken remarkable risks where sex is concerned.  Sex has long inspired the creation ofContinue Reading

Service Dogs for Cushing’s and Adrenal Insufficiency Patients

CSRF member and Cushing’s survivor Amy Dahm, accompanied by her service dog, Sam, co-facilitated an informal discussion with renowned dog trainer Bill Creasy about service dogs for Cushing’s and patients with adrenal insufficiency (AI) as a side meeting to the National Cushing’s Patient Education Day in Bethesda, MD on Friday, October 20, 2017.  Bill CreasyContinue Reading

Coping Strategies have a Strong Impact on Quality of Life, Depression, and Embitterment in Patients with Cushing’s Disease

A chronic illness such as Cushing’s is likely to change your life in many ways. You may have had symptoms from excessive cortisol levels for quite a long time before Cushing’s was suspected and finally confirmed. Diagnosis is oftentimes followed by surgery and may also involve being on medication or receiving radiotherapy. Your illness isContinue Reading


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