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Lane W., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

I am 3 years past successful pituitary surgery and almost a year off cortisone. Yet even with all of the continuing symptoms, lack of strength, and days of chronic hurt and depression, I’m considered “cured!!”

I still have periods of terrible joint pain from my toes, arms, hands, shoulder, and neck. Some days I can’t even bend. I tell friends that I have gremlins in my body that get together daily and plan “where shall we get her today.” Recently, after a few very tough weeks, I had x-rays taken of my spine, shoulders, etc., which showed nothing. No tiny breaks or fractures were seen, and my doctor suggested that I see a physical therapist.

The physical therapist believed the repetition of exercises, not necessarily the total time spent was the most helpful. The therapist put me on five very easy, non-stress, two minute exercises which I did every hour or so, until it became a part of my day, and now, a part of my life. By spending less than 20 minutes, spread throughout the day, my pain level started to decrease immediately and substantially. These exercises are now as natural as my breathing. For other post Cushionites, ask your doctor’s advice about seeing a physical therapist.

I’d also like to pass on some thoughts about stress. Everyone talks about stress, it’s part of all our lives. It can cause great harm, and it’s something we try to “handle well.” Stress is something to avoid, yet it surrounds us. Sometimes we can use it well, to encourage our efforts, and other times we fight it, mostly unsuccessfully. My mother, who is with me in love and spirit every day of my life, was a very philosophical and spiritual woman who always had an appropriate quote or saying. I can hear her say to me now, “Let go and let God.” Please feel free to contact me, if I can be of help to anyone.

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