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Laurie O., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

I was diagnosed at the age of 15 by a nurse practitioner who noticed my moon face and hump back. I had lost a lot of hair and wasn’t eating hardly anything. I didn’t want my Mom to find out I wasn’t eating, but I kept gaining weight. For about a year I had trouble sleeping and skipped my period for six months. My first surgery was in August of 1994, my second was four months later. The result of my first surgery was the removal of half of my pituitary…the half without the tumor. My second surgery was performed by Dr. Ed Oldfield at National Institute of Health and was a complete success. I am over two years post-op and doing very well. It was a tough year following surgery with daily headaches. My friends and family were very supportive. I dropped sixty five pounds and look like my ‘old’ self again!! I would very much like to talk with others my age to be able to help them through this very difficult disease.

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Newsletter: Spring, 1997
State: Florida

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