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Cindy Z., Adrenalectomy

My story starts a little differently than most I’ve read. In 2000, we moved to California. I’d always been a walker, but in CA, my route was a three mile loop I liked to do and the first mile went straight up a very steep hill. This became my choice for a daily walking spot. Shortly after starting the hill walking, I had horrific pain in my leg and could hardly put any weight on it. I thought it was a groin muscle pull, but it turned out to be a fracture at the top of my femur bone in my hip.Continue Reading

Pam K., Adrenalectomy

This is my journey with Cushing’s Syndrome. I am 57 years old. How long have I had it? I don’t know. All I know is that when I was finally diagnosed in the spring of 2010, the doctor said that I have had it a long time.Continue Reading

Ginger H., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

As I read stories others had written about their situations with Cushing’s Disease, I laughed, had numerous “me too” moments, and wanted to cry with you. Now I want to share my story, with the hope that it will encourage others and just maybe help someone get a correct diagnosis quicker than I did and get on the road to feeling better.Continue Reading


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