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Jaci H.

Cushing’s Adventure A few years ago one of my uncles needed a kidney. I was the correct blood type so I applied to see if I was a match. His clinic said I needed to lose about thirty pounds before they could do any testing. My husband suggested I join a program that had beenContinue Reading

Leysa F

Diagnosed, Dealing & Recovering from Cushing’s Disease My Cushing’s story dates back to April 2020, possibly even years before. I have always struggled with weight and of course that came with irritability, bad self esteem and just all around anger. I felt like no one could relate to me and I was always told IContinue Reading

Melissa C., Adrenalectomy

My name is Melissa and I am 54 years old and live in the Boise, Idaho area.   I am 11 months post op adrenalectomy due to a functional tumor that caused my Cushing’s syndrome.  I have a 20-year career in the military followed by work as an Occupational Therapist.  I was adopted by a lovingContinue Reading

Lauren S., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

My diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease came in May of 2012, at the age of 57. I believe, however, that I had Cushing’s for years, even decades, before my diagnosis. Starting in my 30s, I was routinely covered with bruises from minor bumps. Neither my primary care physician nor my hematologist had an explanation for this.Continue Reading

Mona L., Exogenous Cushing’s, Sleep Apnea

High Cortisol is Not Always Cushing’s Editor’s Note: This patient story originally appeared in our Summer 2016 issue.  We contacted Mona recently to see how she is doing now; her update follows her original story. In 2004, I decided it was time to lose weight.  I lost 100 pounds in a year on a low-carbContinue Reading


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