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Danielle L., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

I started having serious health issues after my freshman year of college. I was 18 years old and extremely active with two jobs and in college with upper division courses.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally I was working overtime.  My symptoms started with a 20 lb weight gain and a significant case of acne. I wasContinue Reading

Wendy M., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery, MEN-1

My name is Wendy Moses and I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease at the age of 10 in 2009. I had been dealing with weight gain, growth suppression, headaches, muscle weakness, and insomnia since 2007. A couple of nurses at our church said the weight gain would be solved with a growth spurt and we shouldContinue Reading

Lila S, Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

Skin Deep My story begins about three years ago, two years before I was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. The difficult thing about Cushing’s for me is that the symptoms are mostly based on physical appearance. I first noticed acne, weight gain, and irregular periods. When you try to explain these symptoms, they’re written off asContinue Reading

Teri H., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

Battle with a Brain Tumor / Cushing’s Disease My name is Teri Hudson. I am one-year postop and in recovery from endoscopic transsphenoidal resection of pituitary adenoma. Here’s my story… My long journey with Cushing’s began almost 13 years ago before I knew I had the disease. I was a 39-year-old female, living life inContinue Reading

Monica D., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

Click here to contact this member About 5 years ago, I was ending an abusive relationship. I had also stopped getting my period, was gaining weight and was depressed, but I attributed it to stress from that relationship. I decided to start exercising daily and changed my diet and my life habits. I was happy,Continue Reading