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Garry B., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

In May of 1991, I had a tumor removed by transsphenoidal pituitary surgery, with excellent results. Most of my Cushing’s symptoms were gone within several months. In the fall of 1992, my symptoms began to recur, although testing didn’t show abnormal cortisol levels. After many tests, in November of 1994, a new tumor was located on the other side of the pituitary. In January of 1995, the entire anterior lobe of the pituitary was removed. Recovery has been much slower this time, but I am getting better. I feel extremely fortunate in many ways. I have my children, my husband has been a virtual saint through all of this, and I never had the struggle to be diagnosed that so many Cushing’s patients have. I was 30 weeks pregnant, developed (suddenly) eclampsia with seizures, and my now 4 year old was born in an emergency C-section. I had an alert internist who spotted me as having a Cushing’s-like appearance. I feel that I have had excellent care with understanding physicians. There are days when I wish I could just wake up and be normal, but I feel lucky to be waking up and feeling anything!

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Newsletter: Spring, 1996
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