"I have had an amazing recovery. My blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight are now normal,and the bruises and rashes are gone! My biggest challenge is still the aches and pains, but life is good. If you think you have Cushing's, be your own advocate. Find doctors who will listen, and change doctors if they don't; I did just that, and it saved my life."

— Barb G.

Pituitary tumor and successful surgery

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"Over nine years, I was treated for clinical depression, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, obesity, adult acne, metabolic disease, and panic attacks, but not Cushing's. After diagnosis and treatment, my weight is back to normal, and I am off all medications. Find the right doctor, discuss all of your symptoms, and take pictures that show the changes in appearance."

— Shannon G.

Pituitary tumor and successful surgery

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"Most of my symptoms were written off as having other causes. Memory loss was due to job stress and thin skin and easy bruising were due to sun exposure. After foot and back fractures at age 47, I was finally diagnosed. I found a wonderful email pal through CSRF who was experiencing the same slow recovery I was. We shared the progress and the pitfalls, and together we made it!"

— Chris S.

Adrenal tumor and successful surgery

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"I was tired all the time during the day but could not sleep at night. I was eating very little but gaining weight each week. The hair on my head was falling out but growing in unwanted places. I was bruising and getting purple stretch marks all over my sides, abdomen, and thighs. I'm very thankful Cushing's is treatable even though it meant having both adrenals removed."

— Kandis M.

Pituitary surgery and bilateral adrenalectomy

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"Like others, it took too long to be diagnosed and treated. Finding an experienced pituitary surgeon and endocrinologist was very important. Recovery was not easy. There were so many things I couldn't do and I definitely did not want to be around others. I wish I had found CSRF in the midst of my Cushing's; connecting with others has kept me from feeling alone and misunderstood."

— Ginger H.

Pituitary tumor and successful surgery

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"Cushing's is often misdiagnosed. Many of the symptoms are common in the population and are viewed and treated separately, without anyone looking at the whole picture. Outside of the obvious physical symptoms, I thought I had a classic case of depression, but anti-depressants and counseling didn’t solve the problem. Depression was ruling my life."

— Mark N.

Transsphenoidal Surgery

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