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Small Tasks Stressful While on Replacement

Question: I am on permanent replacement hydrocortisone. I find I easily become overwhelmed and indecisive when I try to do something “normal” like plan a small trip or have a small dinner party. Is this normal for someone on replacement? Any tips on how I can manage this? 

Answer: When you are attempting these tasks, it sounds as if you experience anxiety. There are different causes of anxiety, thus only your treating physician can make the assessment of whether your experiences are related to being on HC replacement. The physician can advise you on HC increases/decreases in situations where you feel anxious or overwhelmed. If necessary, your physician will be able to point you to other resources that can help you cope with these feelings, such as a counselor or psychologist.

By Dr. Jitske Tiemensma, Associate Professor of Psychology, Psychoneuroendocrinology Researcher, UC Merced, Merced, CA, Spring, 2017

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