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Doctor List

The scarcity of doctors who understand the intricacies of diagnosing Cushing’s and treating a patient through surgery and beyond continues to be a problem, but wider educational opportunities are improving this situation year by year.  Through working relationships and peer recommendations, CSRF has identified specialists who see many patients on a regular basis and have a history of successful diagnosis and management of Cushing’s and its potential after effects.  We share their information not as a specific endorsement, but because they are professionals whose specialization in Cushing’s research and treatment puts them in a unique position to offer experienced care where you are not the first patient they have seen!

There are many sessions on Cushing’s at annual endocrine and other professional conferences that doctors seek out, sometimes to standing-room only capacity.  We are optimistic that this is translating to better outcomes for patients.  It doesn’t necessarily require a specialist to understand and carry out the diagnostic process, and there have been countless success stories with “local endos” who were familiar, or willing to do a little research to get it right.  When a new member joins CSRF they are asked if they recommend their doctor, so those who have been reported to have successfully treated these new members are also listed here, designated as such. 

We would be very interested to hear your feedback if you reach out to any of these doctors, especially if you feel that we need to update our records for any reason.  Doctors retire and change practices from time to time; we aim to have a fully up-to-date list but acknowledge that we may miss a change between scheduled reviews and updates to the list.






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