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Nicole R., Medication Induced Cushing’s, Pituitary Tumor

I have always been an active, slim and healthy person, but about 2 years ago that changed. I woke up with horrible shoulder pain that progressively got worse. I eventually went to my GP and got a cortisone shot in my shoulder. It worked for a bit but 3 months later, I needed another.Continue Reading

Susan S., Adrenalectomy

I was a patient under the care of various endocrinologists being treated for “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome” since Oct 2010. In October 2010 while having an abdominal CT scan completed by a hospital emergency room for abdominal pain (unrelated to the “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome”), the CT showed several left adrenal gland adenomas. Continue Reading

Christine W., Pituitary Transsphenoidal Surgery

I have always been a busy person. I had two children in the 1970s, and I was a very active mother and wife. After I divorced my first husband, I worked part-time as a florist delivery driver. A short time later, I re-married and went to college for 2 years to train as a medical secretary, after which time I worked full-time, looked after my family,Continue Reading

Gina P., Pituitary Transsphenoidal Surgery

I finally am ready to write my story. I so appreciate the Cushing’s Newsletter. It really was a blessing for me to read when I was first diagnosed with Cushing’s in November of 2008.
I always have been blessed with good health my whole life.Continue Reading

Chris S., Adrenal Tumor

My story is very similar to the others that you’ll see here, with one notable exception; I’m a man! I find it interesting that the vast majority of experiences here are from women. I understand that Cushing’s is more common in women, but not to this extent. I suppose men just aren’t as comfortable sharing their experiences. Another difference for me is that I never really felt sick prior to my diagnosis.Continue Reading


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