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Tag Archives: 60+

Ross H., Ectopic

Don’t give up. Keep fighting. Believe. There is hope. I am writing this story on behalf of my father, Ross, who was diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome a little over 4 years ago. Continue Reading

Lane W., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery

I am 3 years past successful pituitary surgery and almost a year off cortisone. Yet even with all of the continuing symptoms, lack of strength, and days of chronic hurt and depression, I’m considered “cured!!”Continue Reading

Norina G., Andrenalectomy

I had surgery to remove my right adrenal gland in November of 1992. At 65, I am 3 years old in my second life! My GP physician was aware of the tumor, but shrugged off my complaints as a neurotic female. After a sudden onset of Addison’s, I was finally diagnosed by my psychiatristContinue Reading


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