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Jessi D., Adrenalectomy

I was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome when I was 17-years-old. For 5 years I went to many different doctors and they couldn’t diagnose my symptoms: weight gain, high blood pressure, thin hair, depression and irregular periods. When I was 17 my mother decided to Continue Reading

Chris S., Adrenal Tumor

My story is very similar to the others that you’ll see here, with one notable exception; I’m a man! I find it interesting that the vast majority of experiences here are from women. I understand that Cushing’s is more common in women, but not to this extent. I suppose men just aren’t as comfortable sharing their experiences. Another difference for me is that I never really felt sick prior to my diagnosis.Continue Reading

Marlene B., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery, Bilateral Adrenalectomy

My battle with Cushing’s follows the basic pattern. My problems began long before I had ever heard of Cushing’s. I had a pretty good life…no, it was a GREAT life – married with 4 healthy active children. I wasn’t exactly a stay at home mom but my work always involved my children.Continue Reading

Cindy R., Adrenalectomy

I too am a Cushing’s survivor, and this is my story. Looking back, I think my symptoms started shortly after I was married in 1986 at the age of 29. I had been skinny all my life and suddenly started gaining weight. Given the change in lifestyle, I was told that this was normal.Continue Reading

Norina G., Andrenalectomy

I had surgery to remove my right adrenal gland in November of 1992. At 65, I am 3 years old in my second life! My GP physician was aware of the tumor, but shrugged off my complaints as a neurotic female. After a sudden onset of Addison’s, I was finally diagnosed by my psychiatristContinue Reading