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Van N., Adrenal Tumor

I am a twenty four year-old female who had an adrenal tumor. My main symptoms were depression, anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, acne, body hair, fatigue, joint pain, no menstrual cycle, and hair loss. Continue Reading

Susan S., Adrenalectomy

I was a patient under the care of various endocrinologists being treated for “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome” since Oct 2010. In October 2010 while having an abdominal CT scan completed by a hospital emergency room for abdominal pain (unrelated to the “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome”), the CT showed several left adrenal gland adenomas. Continue Reading

Linda W., Adrenalectomy, Stroke

My story is a little different than those I have read so far. I wanted to write about what happened to me. I found out about Cushing’s syndrome in 2008 but had aphasia (lack of ability to speak or understand language following a brain injury), dyslexia and very limited communications ability. Currently I write well enough with some editing to share my story.Continue Reading

Cindy Z., Adrenalectomy

My story starts a little differently than most I’ve read. In 2000, we moved to California. I’d always been a walker, but in CA, my route was a three mile loop I liked to do and the first mile went straight up a very steep hill. This became my choice for a daily walking spot. Shortly after starting the hill walking, I had horrific pain in my leg and could hardly put any weight on it. I thought it was a groin muscle pull, but it turned out to be a fracture at the top of my femur bone in my hip.Continue Reading

Pam K., Adrenalectomy

This is my journey with Cushing’s Syndrome. I am 57 years old. How long have I had it? I don’t know. All I know is that when I was finally diagnosed in the spring of 2010, the doctor said that I have had it a long time.Continue Reading