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Maria P., Adrenalectomy

Hello, My name is Maria, I am 32 years old and am from Bogota, Colombia, yep! The land of good coffee! I don’t even know where to start because I am not quite sure when it started. I was a ballerina and almost became a model; yeah, one of those appearance freaks! Then I started to gain weight like it was going out of style. I had no clue as to why; I was not eating more and I was not exercising less.Continue Reading

Rachel W., Pituitary Tumor

My journey with Cushing’s Disease started in high school, though I didn’t know what it was at the time. From my junior to senior year, I gained over 100 pounds and didn’t know why. My doctors and parents attributed it to depression caused by my parents’ divorce.Continue Reading

Susan S., Adrenalectomy

I was a patient under the care of various endocrinologists being treated for “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome” since Oct 2010. In October 2010 while having an abdominal CT scan completed by a hospital emergency room for abdominal pain (unrelated to the “Subclinical Cushing Syndrome”), the CT showed several left adrenal gland adenomas. Continue Reading

Cindy Z., Adrenalectomy

My story starts a little differently than most I’ve read. In 2000, we moved to California. I’d always been a walker, but in CA, my route was a three mile loop I liked to do and the first mile went straight up a very steep hill. This became my choice for a daily walking spot. Shortly after starting the hill walking, I had horrific pain in my leg and could hardly put any weight on it. I thought it was a groin muscle pull, but it turned out to be a fracture at the top of my femur bone in my hip.Continue Reading

Rita B., Transsphenoidal Pituitary Surgery, Gamma Knife

Hi there. I have been a member I guess since 1995. I am Rita. I have written 2 stories about my journey with Cushing’s for the newsletter. I have been in remission for 8 years since my second session with this disease. I had the Gamma KnifeContinue Reading