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CSRF 2016 Finances

Those of you who support our work – and to whom we are immensely grateful! – may want to know where our money comes from, and where it goes.

This is the second year I have prepared a financial report for the newsletter. Compared with 2015, both income and expenses are less. Our income in 2015 was $54,675.82, and in 2016 was $45,279.42. Our expenses in 2015 were $40,015.18, and in 2016, $30,861.20. The good news is that in both years, income exceeded expenses.CSRF 2016 v 2015

2016 IncomeOur largest source of income continued to be grants, followed by donations, and then membership.

Our largest expense is still our newsletter, followed by the cost of attending professional meetings where we staff display tables and attend sessions to learn the latest medical developments.2016 Expenses

Moving forward into 2017, we participated in an advertising campaign featuring a page in an insert appearing in 4 markets of USA Today, which was also distributed to several conferences and was available online. We are now in the process of obtaining funding for a Patient Information Day to be held in Bethesda, Maryland, in October. These activities, along with our webinars, newsletter, and website, are all made possible by the generous contributions of our members, donors, and corporate sponsors. Thank you all for your support.2016 Income Distribution2016 Expenses Distribution

By Ellen Koretz Whitton, Treasurer, Summer, 2017

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