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Category Archives: Patient Stories

Jaci H.

Cushing’s Adventure A few years ago one of my uncles needed a kidney. I was the correct blood type so I applied to see if I was a match. His clinic said I needed to lose about thirty pounds before they could do any testing. My husband suggested I join a program that had beenContinue Reading

Sandra M. – Embrace the Journey

Hi, my name is Sandra, I am 34 years old, I am from Portugal and I am a nurse.  What would I say to a person that just has been diagnosed with Cushings? “You are not alone” and “It will be a long journey but a very rewording one if you want”; Why? “I willContinue Reading

CSRF Interviews One of Its First Members: Neddy Zaleski

Leslie Edwin Neddy Zaleski joined CSRF in 1996 as one of the first official members when the organization was less than a year old.  We conducted a mail outreach project early in 2020 to connect with patients who did not have e-mails listed in our database; when Neddy got her letter, she gave us aContinue Reading

Lauren I.

Until fourth grade, I had always been one of the tallest girls in my class. However, that year my parents noticed that my growth suddenly slowed. They immediately began to schedule appointments with various doctors to figure out the reason, all without success. The doctors all insisted that this was merely a phase and thatContinue Reading

Bridget H.

My name is Bridget, and I’m a 31-year-old living in Chicago, IL. I was diagnosed with ectopic Cushing’s in August 2019 and am now a little over one-year post-op. I had a partial lobectomy to remove a malignant Cushing’s tumor on the lower left lobe of my lung. My ACTH and cortisol levels have remainedContinue Reading


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