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Adrenal Cushing’s Responsive to Food and Other Hormones

Question: I’ve heard that some types of adrenal Cushing’s can be caused by food or other hormones. Is that true? Answer: The mechanism by which adrenal tumors continue to secrete cortisol in the absence of ACTH (the normal regulator that is suppressed due to excess cortisol) have not been well understood until recently. Recent workContinue Reading

Changes in Cushing’s Medical Community Over Last 15 Years

Question:  If you have been in practice for 15 years or more, what changes have you seen in the Cushing’s medical community regarding treatment, medical therapies, theories on causes, etc.?  Before we had any medications available, what did Cushing’s patients do if surgery and/or radiation didn’t work or they weren’t a candidate for either? Answer: Continue Reading

Cushing’s After Pregnancy

Question: From reading this newsletter, it seems that a number of us develop Cushing’s following a pregnancy. Are Cushing’s symptoms more likely to appear after a pregnancy and if so, why?  Answer: It may be pure coincidence; or it is possible that the corticotropin releasing hormone (CRH) secreted from the placenta during the second andContinue Reading

Cushing’s Syndrome versus Cushing’s Disease

Question: What is the difference between Cushing’s Syndrome and Cushing’s disease?  Answer: Cushing’s syndrome refers to the physical and emotional changes that occur when there is excess cortisol in the body. A very common cause is steroid medication that is prescribed for many diseases such as asthma and arthritis. Endogenous Cushing’s refers to disorders inContinue Reading

Endocrine Disrupter Chemicals

Question: I’ve heard the term “endocrine disruptor chemicals” in the news. What are these and do they have anything to do with Cushing’s?  Answer: Endocrine disruptors are substances and chemicals that can interfere with or act like hormones in our bodies. They can include substances found in plastics, flame retardants and pesticides such as DDT.Continue Reading


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