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Aches and Pains After Cushing’s

Question: From past issues of this newsletter, it appears that Cushing’s doesn’t cause arthritis. If it’s not arthritis, why in the world do I have all these aches and pains? Answer: The feeling of fatigue and the aches and pains in the muscles and joints of patients with Cushing’s during the postoperative period are commonContinue Reading

Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis Symptoms

Question: How many patients with active Cushing’s have bipolar disorder? Also, are psychotic symptoms very common?  Answer: This is great question. I will start by including short definitions of bipolar illness and psychosis. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), “Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, is a brain disorder that causesContinue Reading

Calories Burned During and After Cushing’s – Endo 2016

Question: Dr. Nieman, you investigated how many calories patients with Cushing’s syndrome burn during active disease and after successful treatment. What did you discover?  Answer: We wanted to study why some patients with Cushing’s syndrome gain weight despite exercising and trying to eat a healthy diet. We suspected that patients with active Cushing’s syndrome burnContinue Reading

Cardiovascular Health After Cushing’s – Endo 2016 Poster

Question: Dr. Wagenmakers, what were your findings about vascular health in Cushing’s patients after successful treatment of Cushing’s?  Answer: It is known that during active Cushing’s, vascular changes occur as well as premature atherosclerosis. To find out if these abnormalities continued after successful treatment, we looked at several markers of vascular health in 63 patientsContinue Reading

Cardiovascular Issues After Cushing’s

Question: I’m cured from Cushing’s, have normal cholesterol, triglycerides and have lost the Cushing’s weight. Is there anything other than this, like C reactive protein, that my doctor should measure to be sure that I’m not at high risk for cardiovascular issues?  Answer: Response: Excellent question. Regarding cardiovascular risk, there are so many factors thatContinue Reading