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Cushing’s and Sex Drive

Question: Since having Cushing’s, my sex drive is next to nothing. Is this common, will this problem remain forever or get better? Is there anything that can help? Answer: A decrease in libido or sex drive is common in patients with Cushing’s. Several factors influence a person’s sex drive. In women, regular menstrual periods or adequateContinue Reading

Early Menopause

Question: I am wondering if there is any research or if there have there been any suggestions that Cushing’s can bring about early menopause? I am 36 and had pituitary surgery in 2006. My cycles are back, but they are not the same as before Cushing’s. Perhaps this is just my new “normal” but shouldContinue Reading

Fertility After Hypophysectomy / Hypopituitarism

Question:  My pituitary gland was removed, so now I replace a lot of hormones.  I didn’t have a period for awhile, but once I changed my doses of estrogen and progesterone, now I have one like clockwork every month.  I’m still in my 30s.  Is it possible for me to become pregnant? Answer:  The pituitaryContinue Reading

Libido During Cushing’s

Question: How is libido affected during active Cushing’s and why? Does this return to normal post Cushing’s? Answer: The effect of Cushing’s on libido has not been well studied and is a complex issue. Many women with Cushing’s report a decrease in libido. The effects of high amounts of cortisol have many effects that mayContinue Reading

Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy

Question: I had Cushing’s a number of years ago and completely recovered. Due to menopause, I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and I feel like some of my Cushing’s symptoms have returned. Can side effects from HRT mimic Cushing’s symptoms? Answer: In menopausal patients, HRT, when given for a short-time typically leads to significant improvementContinue Reading


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