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Additional Pituitary Tumor After Surgery

Question: How often do additional pituitary tumors develop in Cushing’s patients who have had a pituitary tumor successfully removed? Is there a time frame during which this occurs? Answer: “New” pituitary tumors very rarely occur in patients who have had a pituitary tumor removed. However, a recurrence (regrowth of a tumor in the same areaContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Changes in Cushing’s Medical Community Over Last 15 Years

Question:  If you have been in practice for 15 years or more, what changes have you seen in the Cushing’s medical community regarding treatment, medical therapies, theories on causes, etc.?  Before we had any medications available, what did Cushing’s patients do if surgery and/or radiation didn’t work or they weren’t a candidate for either? Answer: Continue Reading

Cushing’s and Headaches

Question: Can Cushing’s syndrome or Cushing’s disease cause severe headaches? Answer: Headaches in a patient with Cushing’s Disease (a pituitary tumor) are usually related to the presence of the tumor. A headache may occur with either a microadenoma or macroadenoma. A microadenoma is < 10 mm and a macroadenoma is > 10 mm.Continue Reading

Dual Functioning Pituitary Tumor

Question: I was diagnosed with a large prolactinoma, started cabergoline and am now experiencing some symptoms that make me wonder if I could also have Cushing’s. Is it possible for a pituitary tumor to secrete both prolactin and ACTH? If so, what effect, if any, will the cabergoline have on testing for Cushing’s? Could theseContinue Reading

Fertility After Hypophysectomy / Hypopituitarism

Question:  My pituitary gland was removed, so now I replace a lot of hormones.  I didn’t have a period for awhile, but once I changed my doses of estrogen and progesterone, now I have one like clockwork every month.  I’m still in my 30s.  Is it possible for me to become pregnant? Answer:  The pituitaryContinue Reading


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