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Adrenal Cushing’s Responsive to Food and Other Hormones

Question: I’ve heard that some types of adrenal Cushing’s can be caused by food or other hormones. Is that true? Answer: The mechanism by which adrenal tumors continue to secrete cortisol in the absence of ACTH (the normal regulator that is suppressed due to excess cortisol) have not been well understood until recently. Recent workContinue Reading

Adrenal Insufficiency After Adrenal Surgery

Question: I recently had a left adrenalectomy. The tests before my surgery indicated that I should not have Cushing’s Syndrome as well as other adrenal disorders. However, since surgery I have had significant weight loss, a huge improvement in diabetic control, annoying aches and pains and have fluctuated between having improved energy with periods ofContinue Reading

Adrenal Tumor Cushing’s Diagnosis

Question: I have an adrenal tumor and signs and symptoms of Cushing’s. Diagnosis is proving challenging. I am looking for an experienced endocrinologist to obtain a diagnosis. Should I contact one of the major pituitary centers or am I looking for an adrenal expert?  Answer: Most pituitary endocrinologists see Cushing’s patients no matter whether itContinue Reading

Adrenal Tumors Not Usually Cancer

Question: Are most adrenal tumors causing Cushing’s adrenal cancer?  Answer: The vast majority of adrenal tumors causing Cushing’s are benign. By Dr. Constantine Stratakis, NICHD, NIH, Bethesda, MD, Winter, 2016

Adrenalin and Other Adrenal Hormones After Bilateral Adrenalectomy

Question: How can a person survive without the adrenalin from the adrenal gland and what other critical hormones are made by the adrenal? Answer: There are plenty of other sources of adrenalin besides the adrenal glands. Patients can live quite well without their adrenal glands from the adrenalin standpoint. Other autonomic nervous system ganglia willContinue Reading


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