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Cushing’s and Small Cell Lung Carcinoma

Question: My mother-in-law has Cushing Syndrome brought on by a tumor in the lung. Cytology shows that it is a Small Cell Lung Carcinoma. What are the pros and cons of chemotherapy? Answer: Small cell lung cancer can occasionally be a source of ectopic ACTH secretion causing Cushing’s syndrome. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy may beContinue Reading

Thyroid Tumors and Cushing’s

Question: Is there any kind of a thyroid tumor or nodule that can cause Cushing’s? Answer: Almost all of cases of Cushing’s syndrome are caused by a pituitary tumor or adrenal growth. It is uncommon to have Cushing’s syndrome due to another type of tumor, called “ectopic”, and, of the ectopic types, thyroid tumors areContinue Reading


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