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Aches and Pains During Illness

Question: I had a pituitary tumor removed and am no longer on replacement medication. It seems that even something minor, like a cold, causes havoc with my system, including aches and pains. Is this normal after having had Cushing’s? Answer: Following the removal of an ACTH secreting pituitary tumor (or an adrenal cortisol secreting tumor),Continue Reading

Aches and Pains Years After Surgery

Question: How many Cushing’s patients continue to complain of fatigue, depression, aches and pains many years after their Cushing’s has been cured? Answer: Cushing’s syndrome is a difficult disease to manage. In the best of circumstances, patients feel back to baseline after curative surgery and subsequent steroid taper. In patients who continue to feel fatigue,Continue Reading

ACTH Stimulation Test to Determine Discontinuation of Steroid Replacement

Question: What is an ACTH Stimulation Test and what is it used for? Answer: An ACTH stimulation test is most commonly used in patients with Cushing’s Syndrome many months after surgery to determine whether their hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is recovering and whether it is therefore safe to discontinue their steroid medications. It is a 1 hourContinue Reading

Age and Recovery From Cushing’s

Question: Does age have anything to do with the time required to recover from Cushing’s? Answer: Age has a significant effect on the recovery from the effects of Cushing’s disease. Younger people are more likely to heal fasterContinue Reading

Blood Pressure After Treatment for Cushing’s

Question: Does blood pressure always return to normal after Cushing’s is resolved? If not, why would it still stay high if my Cushing’s is gone? Answer: Blood pressure does not always normalize when Cushing’s syndrome is resolved. It is likely that long-standing hypertension, regardless of its cause, changes the blood vessels so that hypertension persistsContinue Reading


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