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Questions and Answer Period from Cushing’s Patient Education Day, February, 2013

Question: Can Cushing’s be hereditary? Dr. Findling: No, except in very rare circumstances. There are forms of adrenal Cushing’s that can be hereditary. In cases of bilateral adrenal hyperplasia, both glands are enlarged and have tumors and can be hereditary. This is very rare. Single adrenal tumors are not hereditary. There are some isolated reportsContinue Reading

Question and Answer Period from Cushing’s Patient Education Day, February 2010

Question: Is Cushing’s hereditary? Dr. Lacroix – For adrenal causes of Cushing’s syndrome, there are some genetic forms. One is with micronodular adrenal dysplasia, sometimes with other tumors, called Carney Complex, where familial cases and responsible genes are now known. This is also true with ACTH-independent bilateral macronodular adrenal hyperplasia as there are now moreContinue Reading


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