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Androgen Replacement Therapy in Women with Adrenal Insufficiency

INTRODUCTION Androgen levels are lower in women with adrenal insufficiency than in healthy women of comparable age. This raises the question of whether testosterone or DHEA replacement therapy should be part of the standard hormone replacement therapy regimens prescribed to women with adrenal insufficiency, including in patients with a history of Cushing’s syndrome. WHAT AREContinue Reading

Pregnancy and Cushing’s

Cushing’s syndrome, a condition resulting from an excess of the hormone cortisol, is often difficult to diagnosis; both diagnosis and treatment are more difficult during pregnancy. It is important to make the diagnosis as soon as possible as the high cortisol levels have a very harmful effect on both the mother and the developing fetus.Continue Reading

Pregnancy After Cure of Cushing’s Disease

Patients who have been successfully treated for Cushing’s disease with surgery may resume normal menstrual periods and become pregnant. Other patients may remain amenorrheic typically because the part of the pituitary that controls reproductive function may have been permanently disrupted by the original tumor, or more likely, by the surgery itself. In that case, treatmentContinue Reading

Reproductive Disorders in Cushing’s Syndrome: Common Questions

Question: Are menstrual problems in women common in Cushing’s?  Reproductive problems are common in patients with Cushing’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome. Women may experience amenorrhea ( a complete lack of menses), or irregular periods. This dysfunction typically results from the effects of the high levels of adrenal gland hormones to suppress the normal pituitary hormonesContinue Reading


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