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Risk of Osteoporosis After Cushing’s

Question: During my Cushing’s, I lost some bone density, but since recovery, it is now close to normal. Does the fact that I had Cushing’s make me more susceptible to osteoporosis in my later years?

Answer: Cushing’s Syndrome puts patients – both women and men at high risk for osteoporosis. This is particularly true when associated with absence of menstrual periods in women and low testosterone levels in men. Recovery in many cases will improve but not normalize bone mass. If bone density returns to normal however, the risk of the later development of osteoporosis is likely comparable to other people assuming there are no other underlying factors which lead to higher risk. These include growth hormone deficiency, other hormone problems or other risk factors such as poor nutrition, smoking or excess alcohol.

By Dr. Anne Klibanski MD (Fall, 1999)


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