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CSRF 2015 Finances

The Cushing’s Support and Research Foundation is able to operate on a very small budget because we have very little overhead. We have no paid staff, and our “offices” are various locations on our Directors’ and volunteers’ desks and kitchen tables!

Our largest source of income is grants, followed by donations. Memberships, which have remained at $30 per year for many years, comprise only about 7% of our total income. We would never turn anyone away because of inability to pay, so the income from membership does not reflect our total number of members.

Despite our limited financial resources, we are proud to offer a website with accurate and comprehensive information about Cushing’s, reviewed by our distinguished Medical Advisory Board. We offer a lengthy, detailed newsletter three times per year with the latest medical developments, information about clinical trials, and our popular patient stories. Our Directors and volunteers attend medical conferences to educate ourselves and our membership about medical developments, and to educate doctors about the resources we can offer their patients. We sponsor webinars and patient information meetings where patients can learn about their illness, and support groups where patients can share their experiences and support one another. What a bargain!

As CSRF grows, we are able to think about our “wish list” of everything we could do for Cushing’s patients with the right resources. What else can we do to support our patients and reach out to raise awareness of this poorly understood condition? There is so much work to be done!

Those of us who have experienced the devastating effects of Cushing’s are committed to ensuring that others are promptly diagnosed and successfully treated. We hope that by demonstrating our prudent use of resources, we can encourage you to continue your existing support of CSRF, or consider a new donation!

Income2015For the 2015 financial year, our income was:
Grants $36,159.77
Donations $13,878.11
Membership $3,630.00
Other* $1,007.94
TOTAL $54,675.82
* includes interest and fee charged for publicizing outside event

Expenses2015Our 2015 expenses were:
Meeting Attendance $11,477.02
Newsletter outside costs $15,317.13
Shipping, postage, and office supplies $2,771.49
Phone $1,945.31
Professional Services $1,760.67
Website $5,050.19
Fees, taxes, insurance $1,369.00
Memberships in related organizations $325.00
TOTAL $40,015.81

By Ellen Koretz Whitton, Treasurer, Summer, 2016

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