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from Samantha Boerst

You may think monsters aren’t real
Oh but dear, here’s the deal
There’s a little monster you see named Cushings
and it’s inside me
One day I wish I was free and this monster would let me be
I had two monsters you see but only one was living inside me.
The other monster lived with me and was just as bad as Cushings was to me
He belittled me and would even hit or toss things at me
Telling me I wasn’t worthy to he or any human being
You see, him and Cushing’s made me believe I wasn’t good enough for anyone, not even me
I looked in the mirror, but only to my dismay saw a stranger looking back my way
Once a smart young vibrant lady I no longer did see
Of god, what has this man and Cushings done with me!
I fought and fought until I could find, a doctor whom didn’t think I was losing my mind.
Than one day my pituitary tumor was removed and a rush of happiness began to fill the room
I no longer felt like I was doomed
I regained my self worth to tell him enough is enough
This monster inside me was now gone and it is time for you to beat the dust
Getting away from these monsters was not easy at all. You see, I had to find it within myself to make the final call
All in all it was worth the fight that gave all my might each and every night
Because when it was all said and done I finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel that once I thought would never come

Samantha Boerst
Cyclical Cushings
Pituitary surgery Sept 8th 2016
Currently having a reoccurance,and fighting for a BLA April 2020

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