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Category Archives: Doctor’s Answers

COVID-19 and Surgery

Question:  I’ve been diagnosed with Cushing’s but I’m scared to have the surgery right now.  It seems like most of the bigger centers with experienced surgeons are located in cities that are “hot spots” for the virus.  What advice is there for someone in my situation? Answer 1:  Checking with the local docs is theContinue Reading

COVID-19 During Diagnosis

Question: I suspect I have hypercortisolism but now I’m concerned about delays, unavailability of tests or medicines, and exposure to the virus during lots of doctor appointments. What can I do to safely get a diagnosis? Would waiting out this period be harmful? Answer 1:  For most places, I expect the cancellation of non-emergency testing,Continue Reading

Doctors’ Answers: Medical Advisory Board

For this special issue, we wanted to ask some of our Medical Advisory Board members for their thoughts on several topics: What led them to work in endocrinology and specialize in Cushing’s?  When did they first learn about Cushing’s and have their first patient?  What are some challenges and inspirations?  What changes in medicine andContinue Reading

Will BLA Solve My Problem?

Question:  I have confirmed hypercortisolism (enough highs after several months of testing) but no clear target.  I’m morbidly obese, have lost my period, have new hair growth on my face, and almost all of the other classic Cushing’s symptoms.  If I have a bilateral adrenalectomy and just remove the source of cortisol production, will theseContinue Reading

Loose Skin and Plastic Surgery

Question:  I have lost over 100 lbs since the worst of my Cushing’s.  I have a lot of loose skin including some on my neck and a fat roll in the middle that affects how my clothes fit.  I’ve heard that patients in my situation can sometimes qualify for plastic surgery for medical purposes.  HaveContinue Reading


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