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Permanent Adrenal Insufficiency: Effects on Longevity and Quality of Life

Most patients with Cushing’s disease are successfully treated by transsphenoidal pituitary surgery and most cases of adrenal based Cushing’s syndrome require the removal of only one adrenal gland. In cases such as these, adrenal insufficiency (lack of sufficient hormone production from the adrenal glands) is almost always temporary and patients usually recuperate within one year.Continue Reading

Adrenal Insufficiency and Cushing’s

Following successful surgical treatment for Cushing’s, either by removal of a pituitary tumor, one or both adrenal glands or ectopic tumor, most patients are adrenal insufficient (cannot make cortisol) for a period of time. Cortisol is essential to life so patients require replacement with a glucocorticoid, such as hydrocortisone or sometimes prednisone. Most patients recovering from Cushing’s require replacement medication only until their body is able to produce adequate cortisol.Continue Reading

Preventing and Treating an Adrenal crisis

Have you ever had an adrenal crisis? If you have experienced the pain, confusion, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, low blood pressure, weakness and other disturbing symptoms, you know you need help right away. Without immediate correct treatment, an adrenal crisis can be life-threatening. A recent review (1) reports “Studies in patients on chronic replacement therapyContinue Reading

Current practice of glucocorticoid replacement therapy and patient-perceived health outcomes in adrenal insufficiency – a worldwide patient survey

The aim was to survey current practice in glucocorticoid replacement therapy and self-perceived health outcomes in patients with adrenal insufficiency. Methods: Participants were recruited via patient organizations to respond anonymously to a web-based survey developed by clinical experts. Unique entries were set up for each patient organization enabling geographical localization of the entries.Continue Reading

An Update on Dual Release Glucocorticoid Replacement, Spring, 2011

Since 2008, the CSRF has been tracking the progress of a dual release glucocorticoid (cortisol) replacement medication developed by DuoCort Pharma that more closely mimics the natural secretion of cortisol over 24 hours. The original article appeared in the Spring, 2008 issue of the CSRF newsletter and discussed how the medication worked. A second articleContinue Reading


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