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Cushing’s Patient Journey Summit 2019: Finding Your “New Normal”

CSRF is happy to announce our 2019 Patient Education Day with a new name – the Patient Journey Summit: Finding Your “New Normal”. The meeting will take place the weekend of October 4-6, 2019 at Emory Conference Center Hotel in Atlanta, GA. We have had a patient-led steering committee working on topics throughout the Spring, and as of August we have finalized the agenda and lined up presenters.

Please read the Prospectus before registering for the conference. A link to the registration is at the bottom of this page.

Because we will be creating a detailed White Paper to be widely distributed throughout the medical community, it is imperative to carefully define the qualified attendees for this meeting. In a perfect world we would have the financial and time resources to hold multiple meetings in different locations annually – we’re working on it! But because this meeting is intended as “way beyond the 101”, we must limit participation to ONE patient with a CONFIRMED ENDOGENOUS Cushing’s diagnosis (not exogenous, caused by steroid use, etc.) and up to ONE true Caregiver – a person who takes part in some aspect(s) of care for the patient. This could be a spouse, child, good friend….anyone who has taken the time and given their energy to help the patient. This is important because there will be at least one separate session for the Caregivers in attendance, and we will need their input to design resources intended to help other Caregivers and give a snapshot of the state of those who help patients through the difficult Cushing’s journey. Our intention is for this to be a very interactive conference with substantial participation from attendees to help guide the discussions.

After you have read the Prospectus and information on this page and determined that traveling to Atlanta the weekend of October 4-6, 2019 works for your schedule, please click this link to register for the conference. You will receive a confirmation within a week, but you may e-mail [email protected] at any time with questions.