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Category Archives: Disability & Assistance

NORD Patient Assistance Program

The National Organization of Rare Disorders runs a Patient Assistance program for those with Cushing’s or suspected Cushing’s. See the NORD website, call 1-800-999-6673 x 326 or email: [email protected]

Cushing’s Syndrome and Social Security Disability Benefits

Cushing’s syndrome challenges the human body in a variety of ways, making even day-to-day activities difficult to complete. For this reason, individuals with Cushing’s syndrome may need financial assistance to offset the expenses associated with lost income and medical treatment. If you have Cushing’s syndrome and can no longer work, you may be eligible toContinue Reading

Insurance & Prescription Assistance

New Financial Assistance Program Available for Cushing’s Patients! Cushing’s patients being treated with medications (such as Signifor and Korlym) may now be eligible to receive co-pay assistance from the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation! PAN is an independent, nationwide nonprofit that provides co-pay assistance for underinsured chronically and critically ill patients. Their more than 50Continue Reading

Serious Illness and Your Legal Rights

By Stephanie Fajuri, Supervising Attorney, Cancer Legal Resource Center When thinking about serious illnesses, we often think about only the medical side of things: prevention, screening, treatment, and side effects. However, serious illnesses like Cushing’s syndrome can take a toll on many aspects of a patient’s life. Organizations like the Cancer Legal Resource Center believeContinue Reading

Travel and Housing Assistance

Travel Assistance If you’re not lucky enough to live near a center of excellence for Cushing’s treatment, you may need to travel far and often to get the best medical care. This can be a huge financial burden, as even those who have health insurance may find that travel costs are not covered. There areContinue Reading


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