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Insurance & Prescription Assistance

New Financial Assistance Program Available for Cushing’s Patients!

Cushing’s patients being treated with medications (such as Signifor and Korlym) may now be eligible to receive co-pay assistance from the Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation! PAN is an independent, nationwide nonprofit that provides co-pay assistance for underinsured chronically and critically ill patients. Their more than 50 disease-specific programs help tens of thousands of patients each year afford the out-of-pocket costs associated with their specialty medications.


Cushing’s patients will be eligible to receive an initial grant of $10,000 with the ability to request additional funds within the same eligibility cycle (12-months) if funding is available. Patients must have some form of insurance (Medicare included) that covers a part of the cost of the medication for which they are seeking assistance, must have a household income at or below 500% of the federal poverty level ($77,500 for a family of two), and must reside and receive treatment in the U.S.


Apply Online:

Apply Over the Phone: 866-316-PANF (7263)


PAN assistance is free for patients and their healthcare providers. Eligibility determination is made within ONE minute of receiving a completed application. Patients may change medications, physicians and pharmacies so long as they continue to meet other program eligibility requirements (income level and insurance). PAN is able to reimburse patients for expenses incurred up to 90-days before their initial grant approval. PAN pays providers or specialty pharmacies directly so that you will not have to pay out of pocket and wait to be reimbursed.

RxHope Prescription Assistance

RxHope is a patient assistance association that helps people with low income receive their necessary medications for a low cost. They have 1500 drugs that are covered. You may be eligible if you do not participate in Medicaid and earn $30,000 or less per year as a single person or $50,000 or less as a couple. (These are average figures; some pharmaceutical company’s guidelines may be higher.)

Need Help with Insurance?

Patient Services Incorporated is a non-profit organization that can provide assistance in answering insurance questions and locating affordable insurance. While Cushing’s is not one of the disorders covered in their financial assistance plans, their web site contains valuable information. 1-800-366-7741

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